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What are the easy ways to setup outlook email on iphone?

Apple gadgets can be used properly to access any kind of emails such as outlook emails. I am using apple iphone for my official tasks. On a daily basis, I have to send or receive emails through my outlook. So, I want to setup outlook email on iphone, but I don’t have full technical knowledge to setup MS outlook email on apple iphone. It has become a big technical problem for me, hence I look for online technical help. Therefore anyone can share the easy ways to set up outlook email on apple iphone.

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How to set up Outlook on your iPhone in the Mail app

Tap on Settings.

Scroll down to and tap on "Password & Accounts" (it should be about halfway down the page).

Tap on "Add Account." ...

This will take you to a screen with several of the most popular email applications listed. ...

A new screen will ask you to type in your Outlook email and password.

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