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Access your AIM mail account from other email client using IMAP/SMTP settings.

The AIM Mail is developed by AOL email to provide the users with a more user-friendly experience. However, you can set the AIM Mail on another email client to send or receive an email as per your choice. For that, you will have to complete the AIM Mail settings, and you can do it with the following steps.


AIM mail IMAP settings

AIM mail IMAP server:

AIM email IMAP Port: 993

AIM email IMAP security: TLS/SSL

AIM mail IMAP Username: Your full AIM mail address with the domain name as

AOL mail password: You full AIM mail Password (case-sensitive)


AIM mail SMTP settings

AIM SMTP server:

SMTP Port: 587

SMTP security: TLS/SSL

AIM Mail Username: Your complete AIM mail address.

AIM Password: Your AIM mail Password (Case-sensitive)

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The AIM Mail IMAP server settings used to access AIM Mail messages and folders through any email client are:

AIM Mail IMAP server address:

AIM Mail IMAP username: Your full AIM Mail email address (such as

AIM Mail IMAP password: Your AIM Mail password.

AIM Mail IMAP port: 993.

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