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What's the best tool to design a website?

Why the word press?

Looking at the recent trends and design WordPress is the best and easy to understand tool to design a website. It’s a free tool and you can design your own customize design without having any prior knowledge of coding. You can create an as great website as any developer through word press. There are many other options in the market such as Wix and Shopify but you have to pay $14 monthly for Wix.

Easy to use:

Word press was created so that anyone willing to start their business online can build their website without having any coding background. Everything that requires any coding knowledge is translated into a simple user interface.

Keeps your website up to date:

One of the most difficult tasks with having a website is to update it because after every few months new coding language pops out but with word press website the core software gets updated now and then.

Word press community: 

With over 27% of websites running on word press, there is a large community behind the word press. if you know how to make a word press website you apply and offer your service online as a professional web designer.  You can find a lot of word press related blogs, people teaching on how to use word press on their YouTube channel. 

It's a great experience to use these professional web development tools. These tools are the best approach for web developers to manage their website data. Word press was created for the purpose that anyone who is willing to start the top essay writing reviews online business can build their website and other layouts.

Check out the list of best tool to design a website.


1. Sketch


Price: 90 days of free trial for the team and then $99/year.


2. Adobe XD


Price: Free for XD Starter Plan, $9.99/month per user when for XD Plan, and $22.99/month per user when for XD Team Plan.


3. Figma


Price: Free for three projects, Professional Plan costs $12/month for one editor, the cost of the Organization Plan is $45/month for one editor.


4. Framer X

Farmer X

Price: $12/month


5. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Price: Photography plan $9.99/month, Single app plan $20.99/month, and All Apps plan $52.99/month.

6. Open Color

Open Color

Price: NA


7. InVision Studio

InVision Studio

Price: $13/month for one designer and $89/month for the team of five designers.

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Best web design software in 2020 :-

Adobe Dreamweaver CC.






Atom Text Editor.

Hope this helps you.

All your tips are very cool. But I believe that there is no better thing for website development than a website builder. It is suitable for small businesses, for resume sites, portfolios, as well as for creating small stores. I’m talking about the Weblium website builder, where you can build a free website with the right and beautiful design in just a few hours. Perhaps someone has already tried to create similar sites? Share your impressions.

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