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Influence of working conditions on the service life of slurry pump

Influence of working conditions on the service life of slurry pump Slurry pump in different industries play a different role, then the wear conditions are different, so the service life is also different. Slurry pump has been used in mineral processing, electric power, coal washing, sand separation and other fields. In the mineral processing industry, the working condition of ore primary separation is bad, so the service life of slurry pump is low. Of course, different ores have different abrasivity.For example, in the concentrate transportation section, the relative abrasion resistance is reduced, and the overall service life of the pump is longer. In the field of coal washing, larger coal block and coal gangue are easy to block the slurry pump, which is also easy to reduce the service life of slurry pump. In the fields of electric power, sand selection and other fields, due to the different working environment, there are different degrees of abrasion on the special pump of aerated concrete, which has a certain impact on the service life of the submerged slurry pump. Therefore, in the purchasing process, the general user often asks the service life of the supplier's products.Strictly speaking, any manufacturer will not promise an accurate service life cycle for users without any basis, because the service life of flow passage components depends on many different factors, and the diversity and complexity of working conditions lead to different service life of materials with the same quality. But in the early selection aspect, we can let the powerful manufacturers help to select the type. The use of aerated concrete pump is easy to wear, and its service life is also greatly affected. However, the use efficiency of slurry pump can be higher through reasonable design, correct operation and regular maintenance.CL Sereis Cone Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Roots Blowers Roots Vacuum Pump

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