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Is Python good for mobile app development?

This thing must have come in the mind of many people Is Python good for mobile app development? I am working in a mobile app development company in the last 5 year want to know Java is perhaps better suited to mobile app development, is one of Android's preferred programming languages.

Is It a good idea to use mobile app development platforms?

Whether you are working as a freelancer or for a reputable company, mobile app developers are required to create feature-rich and unique apps to fulfil the ever-increasing needs of today’s customers. With the advent of mobile app development platforms, it has now become easier for mobile app developers to create apps that offer awesome user experience. There are a number of mobile app development platforms that offer cross-platform support so that you can create apps that work best on different operating systems. The majority of mobile app development platforms are low-code and compatible with third-party plugins. Swiftic, Native Scripts, React Native, Ionic, Flutter, Mobile Angular UI are a few best mobile app development platforms that mobile app developers can use for their next projects.

Yes! Mobile apps can be built with python. But I would like to ask people why do you want your app to built with Python? Like there are many platforms that can let you create a mobile app and they are worth it. A large number of software development companies USA stick with recommended programming language and framework for mobile app development. To wrap up, You can build an app on Python. But it would be a lengthy and complex procedure. 

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Python is an open-source programming language that is great for creating web and mobile apps. Applications like Instagram and Dropbox are built using Python.

One of Python's drawbacks is that it is not native to the mobile environment. Neither of the major mobile platforms - iOS and Android - support Python as an official programming language.

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This was very clear information and it also proved me that, although Python is probably the most wanted programming language skill right now, it is not for me. Thanks! A mobile app is a type of software program so you can check mobile app design cost. Mobile application improvement platforms with appreciation to technical issues, software improvement, skills, constraints, and market success. Designing an app takes some technical training.

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