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Why do buildings need ventilation?

Ventilation is an important process to replace old air with fresh air. Without adequate ventilation, buildings are susceptible to air pockets, and the bacteria and carbon substances they contain make indoor air more polluted than outside air. Ventilation is perhaps the most important element in any HVAC system. It affects air quality and energy efficiency, controls ventilation, controls odors, dilutes gases (such as carbon dioxide), and inhibits the spread of respiratory diseases. DIY builders merchant suggests that ventilation is important for educational institutions and buildings or interiors where many people cannot free themselves. In commercial development, mechanical ventilation is usually powered by a ventilation unit (AHU) that is connected to the piping system in the building.

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Ventilation is generally used to regulate the quality of indoor air by diluting and displacing indoor pollutants; it may also be used to monitor indoor temperature, humidity , and air movement to promote thermal comfort, or other goals. proofreading and editing services

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