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My Best & Worst Ever Writing Experience

Just when you think that you have it all and everything is going fine, sometimes that thought alone is enough to jinx your happy go lucky days! Word of advice: do not be so overconfident of yourself.

Well, I have always been one of students who excelled in academics and had strong writing and analytical skills, at least until I entered my Bachelor’s. Even after entering my Bachelor’s, I was scoring well and managed a nice GPA while juggling my part-time job, which I had taken up working at the café for my daily expenses.

Then came the dissertation writing, we were told about the research methods and how we would have to work on our topics. Sure, it seemed easy enough for someone like me. In fact, I started working on it before everyone else. In no time I had gathered tons of research material as well. It was turning out to be the best writing experience ever because I could put my writing and analytical skills into use.

The problem arrived when I suffered from a heatstroke due to dehydration after working long hours at the cafe. It left me weak and without any energy, just in time for my dissertation submission. I asked friends to help but none had the skills.

Eventually, I succumbed to the pressure and decided to go with some dissertation proposal writing service with whatever money I had left. A friend recommended me Dissertation help online. Skeptical at first, I gave them my drafts and explained all my requirements.

Who knew? They did it just like I wanted! I was shocked! The dissertation mirrored my thoughts so well and was well received as well!

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