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How to market your brand on Instagram? 30-Day Plan

Instagram is a thriving social media channel that is popular among bloggers, home-based, and large scale businesses. It is a community based social platform where the key to success is large audience support. Your Insta-family can take you on the long way to success. No matter what your business is about, from phone case manufacturers to software development companies, all types of businesses can thrive on Instagram. You can grow your audience on this platform and see how you meet better opportunities for your business. Here is a 30-day plan to grow your Instagram Family.

Day 1: share a lifehack with your audience. Make sure that whatever you share is relatable to your niche and help your audience.


Day 2: Let your the audience know what is in your blog, and what is your basic agenda behind the blog. Make it clear to your audience.


Day 3: share an inspiring story among your audience. It could be from your own life story or someone else's. Make sure it inspires your followers.


Day 4: Introduce yourself to your Insta-Fam. Let them know who you are, and why do you run the blog. You can add some jokes and fun element to your post to make it more engaging.


Day 5: Share the area where you work. Let people know the process you go through to make a product or service to people out there.


Day 6: Share a must-have product or idea that you think is necessary to succeed in your field. Increase your audience's knowledge.


Day 7: Show some love and support to other similar accounts on Instagram. This helps you grow your community online.


Day 8: To go a step ahead, share a post from a similar account. Promote each other and thrive.


Day 9: Be thankful to live—express gratitude for someone in your life o someone on Instagram. A humble and easy attitude lets people interact without any reluctance.


Day 10: Show gratitude for a fellow account on Instagram. It increases your audience base on Instagram.


Day 11: Show some behind the scene work to let your audience aware of the backstage scenes.


Day 12: Add some weekend cheers. Share some happy moments from your workplace or anything good that can bring a smile to your audiences' faces.


Day 13: Share a favorite spot from your city. Let your global audience learn about the place you live and work in.


Day 14: Share a the blog that s helpful for your audience. Make sure you share something relatable to your niche.


Day 15: Promote a social media channel like Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter, where your audience can find useful content.


Day 16: Ask a question from your audience. The question could be related to your field or the next project you are interested in starting. 


Day 17: Share your brand's mission statement. It is crucial to make it clear among your audience.


Day 18: Share a mini life lesson with your followers. Sharing something useful with your audience can grow your audience.


Day 19: Host a giveaway or contest. Let your followers interact and connect.


Day 20: Share an activity or anything you did last weekend. Keep your followers engaged.


Day 21: Share the back story of your blog. This way, your audience will remain active in your post and stories.


Day 22: Reveal a hidden talent that you have, and your audience barely knows about it. It is a kind of surprise that you give to your audience.


Day 23: Share a memory from your childhood. Let your followers learn more about you.


Day 24: Share gratitude in your life. Tell your followers what makes you feel thankful in your life.


Day 25: Share your role model in your field. Let your followers know who is your inspiration that you look up to.


Day 26: Share a handwritten notes for your followers on your Instagram account. Handmade items and handwritten notes have their own charm.


Day 27: Share your favorite blogging tool with your Instagram audience. Let them know how you handle your account.


Day 28: Inspire your audience with a Monday motivation quote. Let them know you make the most of your Mondays.


Day 29: Say a word of gratitude to your followers. Remember, you cannot grow on Instagram with the support of your followers. Let your audience know that you value them, and they have an important place in your journey.


Day 30: Congrats your audience for reaching a milestone on Instagram. Share a certain number of audience and celebrate with your audience.


Final Words

You can grow your Instagram audience in a few months, but you need to be consistent in your efforts. Consistency can take you from 1 a follower to 10k followers and more. All you need to do is to create quality content with a consistent approach.


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